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This kind of violent intolerance fits in with the mindless, hind-brain driven actions common to religious fanatics everywhere, but developed to a particularly extreme degree by the contemptible thugs of the Taliban, members of which have set out on a campaign to destroy treasured artifacts of other cultures that don’t fit into their pin-headed view of what’s “correct”.The upside was that interest in the sites was sparked among rational human beings, and archeological and scientific investigation was focused, in particular, on the Buddhist cave murals.From ancient Egypt to the Indus River valley, historic global cultures made use of tempera paint and experimented with variations, a tradition that continued through the Middle Ages and even extended into the fifteenth century and the Renaissance era.Accordingly, some of the finest examples of painting from art history reflect the use of this medium.An X-ray identification technique, carried out at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) in Grenoble, was able to determine that about a dozen of the 50 or so caves were painted in pigments suspended in drying oil, possibly walnut oil or poppy seed oil, mediums still in use today.The results of this investigation were just published in the on Tuesday, though they were presented at a scientific conference in Japan in January.The statues were up to 180 ft (55 meters) in height.Along with cave murals in the area, that have also been the target of Taliban attacks, they date back to hundreds of years before the European Renaissance.

The ancient kingdom of Gandhara stretched across parts of present-day Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The park holds one of the highest concentrated areas of rock art in the world.

As many as 5,000 Aboriginal sites have been found here, including rock art, shelters, stone tools, grindstones and ceremonial ochre.

It was a vital commercial center of the Middle East many centuries before the birth of the Prophet Muhammad.

Some scholars relate the name of current-day Kandahar to this ancient kingdom.

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