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Rocking a blue and white co-ord set by British designer Zoe Jordan, Vogue Williams looked super chic in the tie dye neoprene top and skirt combo.

And the good news is this set is available to buy online now, click right to get the tee and below to complete the look with the matching skirt.

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(Photo Credit: Getty Images) Sure, we know the basics — he hosted — but people are hoping to really get to know this guy before they welcome him into their homes every single morning.

"I don't want to be someone who throws his hat in for everything. "There are some other people who'd be really good for other things, and if I just do it to say I'm doing it, that doesn't help me or them." HOMETOWN: Brooklyn, New York BRIAN VS. I introduce myself as Brian and people are like, "Why? " "Because my name is Brian." And he was like, "Ohhhh." He walked away and came right back, "Can I still call you Sene?

" My friend Chris Mc Queen was visiting from Texas; he's in this group Snarky Puppy and they were in New York. " I guess I don't take myself seriously enough to be like, "You have to call me this." I know some people that are like that and more power to them, but I don't think about it.

Following this morning’s announcement that Ryan Seacrest will be joining Kelly Ripa as her morning show co-host, people seem to have a vested interested in Ryan and all things about the 42-year-old!

She’s full of life, positive and a great lightness of spirit which complemented my more grave side.

“It was a great combination and it’s sad that we had to go our different way.

Speaking for the first time about the reason for the split, Ferry, now 70, said that he did not want to become a father again.

The singer already has four sons with model Lucy Helmore with whom he was married to for 21 years.

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