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As both instruments share the same scale length (24.75″), fingerboard radius (12″) and nut width (1.68″) and slim-taper D profile neck, they do feel remarkably similar when you play them, the biggest effect on your playing style will probably due to your comfort, and differences in playing posture when standing or sitting with your guitar.

As for the differences, some are cosmetic, and some are particular features that may influence you one way or the other.

5 08 - He'd taken in a guitar on trade-a semi-hollow electric Epiphone was as much as he . has anyone had any experiance with samick guitars .. What kind of wood are the current Epiphones (from Korea , and now from China) being made from? I had a friend who got rid of his Korean Epiphone Firebird, because he said the neck just .

Since I was having a hard time dating the guitar without a serial .. Indonesia (factory still unknown, probably Samick , ). I've owned a Korean Sheraton , a Korean Dot, and a Chinese Sheraton.. Epiphone Sheraton; Manufacturer: Epiphone: Period: 1959 - 1970: Construction; Body. I thought he was just tryna knock my Epiphone LP Custom. Retail and online store specializing in new, used, and vintage guitars , basses and amplifiers. When comparing all specs the Samick seems like the better buy for the money. Join Date : Dec 2001; Location: Massachusetts; Posts: 5,210 . Join Date : Nov ; Location: Minnesota; Posts: 438 .

And now for the first time, the “Dot” puts that classic sound and over 40 years of refinements in your hands, the Epiphone way.

The Epiphone Dot is a decade-spanning Rock 'n' Roll machine, giving you the classic sound of the revered ES-335 at an affordable price.

The Epiphone Dot is a fairly hefty instrument in size and weight.

It can be difficult to date a guitar, but there are some steps you can take to determine a range of dates during which a guitar was created.

This tasty guitar is great for jazz, blues, or rock styles.

The Epiphone Dot does feel as though it resonates more, you can feel the wood ‘move’ a bit more, which maybe comes across as a slightly more ‘woody’ tone when you plug it in.

The fingerboard of the ES-339 is bound, whereas it is unbound on the Dot; this may not be important to you, but, personally, I like the look of a bound fingerboard!

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