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(There has also been a dramatic uptick in syphilis in the past decade, but six and a half times more men than women report infection.) Actual numbers for all STIs are likely even higher, since many people have no clue they’re infected, says Dr.

conducted a survey with to find out which sex adventures they’d be up for this summer. At the beach wait until she’s been sunbathing for an hour then splash a little cold water and let it trickle down her spine.

“I was trying to wait, but he came over and it just happened,” recalls the Toronto-based digital media editor. And after that, we got serious pretty quickly and I thought, Well, now we’re a couple and I’m on the pill and he’s healthy, so let’s keep doing it this way.” If this story line sounds all too familiar, you’re not alone: In a new survey on sexual health, more than half of the respondents admitted to occasionally skipping condoms in a casual or non-exclusive relationship, while less than a quarter wait until both parties have been tested for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) before tossing the Trojans.

“I remember thinking afterwards, Oh, we shouldn’t have done that.” She was on the pill, so although she had a pack of condoms in her nightstand, the couple didn’t use one. “We are the queens of denial when it comes to notions of passion and romance,” says Lucia O’Sullivan, a psychology professor at the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton who has done extensive research on sexual risk-taking.

a baby, but she felt OK about rolling the pregnancy dice.You just work it in."This laissez-faire attitude about the life-changing act of becoming a mother may seem shocking, but it's far from unusual.Nearly 50 percent of American pregnancies are unplanned, and three quarters of those are in women 29 and younger.In fact what really shocked me was this bizarre variation that seems popular for extreme sex."People who turn up for the party wear masks, and one of them has HIV."The wealthy organise these sex parties for other rich people.The real kick for these people is apparently the risk that they might be the one having sex with the HIV-infected partner.

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  1. The singles meet up every day in the darkroom — first as a group, then one on one. And of course, all of their experiences are discussed in detail in each side of the house, with rivalries flaring up when two people set their sights on the same person.