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This site was designed to reveal valuable job search tips and techniques, directly from professionals.We know what works and can help you understand what employers are looking for.Electronic mails (e-mails) are widely used for communication today. So, it is essential to know how to write a formal letter effectively.Writing a formal letter is often considered as an intimidating task by people.

Flip the letter right side out through the opening. Sew the outer edge, leaving a 3″ opening, and flip the letter right side out.

Once the letter is drawn, cut it out of both layers so that you have two pieces of the same letter.

Pin the layers together with right sides facing (be sure your letter will be facing the correct way when you turn it right side out! Sew a straight stitch around the outer edge, leaving a 1/4″ hem.

Specifically, on October 23, 2009, at approximately p.m., you were witnessed kicking a hole in the lunch room wall.

After questioning you on October 24, 2009, you stated that you had just received news from a friend that they were no longer interested in a relationship.

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The employer wants to know how you can meet their needs, and an excellent resume will accomplish this.

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