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You’re very likely to forget a spot and let stale data get served. It’s called key-based cache expiration and it works like this: This process makes it trivial to implement caching schemes and trust that you’re never going to serve stale data.

That’s enough to turn most people off russian-doll caching structures, like the one we’re using for Basecamp Next. There’s no messy cleanup to deal with since you’re not obligated to track down every spot that might update an object.

Topics: Some types of schema objects can reference other objects in their definitions.

For example, a view is defined by a query that references tables or other views, and the body of a subprogram can include SQL statements that reference other objects.

As an example of a schema object change that invalidates some dependents but not others, consider the two views in Example 6-2, which are based on the of C.

Doing cache invalidation by hand is an incredibly frustrating and error-prone process.

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The updated_at field that’s part of all the caching keys automatically takes care of that for you, wherever that update came from.

A value that you specify to uniquely identify an invalidation request.

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