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Mobbed first aired on Fox on March 31, 2011, as a one-time television special following American Idol.After attracting 10.8 million viewers, Fox decided to order another eight episodes.

Alien Mork, from the planet Ork, is sent to Earth to observe a primitive society and report back to his leader, Orson.He's also so disarmingly innocent that Mindy feels protective and lets him spend the night.Frederick jumps to the wrong conclusion when Mork announces that he is staying with Mindy and asks a cop friend to get rid of him.They set up some big flashmob and surprise someone with it.In episode 3, which relative’s spouse and I watched together here, nebbish Steve from Pittsburgh (who actually plays in a band) wants to take his five-year online friendship with Dana in Los Angeles “to the next level” (he wants to date her, though they’ve never met in person).

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It was a lot of fun and a lot of games, but a lot of stressful stuff too.

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