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reported that the series would focus on cyber investigations, as opposed to the forensic investigations seen in CSI, CSI: Miami, and CSI: NY, stating that "[Anthony E.] Zuiker has been at the forefront of entertainment’s digital conversion, experimenting in the arena for the past decade." Zuiker, who wrote digi-novel Level 26, spent time in Washington meeting with the CIA, FBI, and DOD as part of his research for his 2009 CBS project Cyber Crimes The first season, comprising 13 episodes, premiered in March 2015.

The second and final season consisted of 18 episodes.

In this exclusive clip from tomorrow night's episode, Christina admits to her sister Lizzy Milian that she "wishes" she was engaged after splitting with her rapper beau.

While on a hike with Lizzy's boyfriend Dom and their sister Danielle Milian's husband Richard, Christina and Lizzy talk to each other about their relationships."Look at Dom," Lizzy says."He's a good guy," Christina tells Lizzy."He is a good guy," Lizzy responds."My guy is a good guy too, but we're driving each other crazy right now," Christina says.

I can safely say this is the most boring episode this season. For a look at my new schedule, and to see when the Epilogue and other parts of the Episode come out, check my profile! The only way for me to know my hard work is being appreciated is for you to leave a review. "With the rise of the Sentinel Army, drastic measures had to be taken. Unfortunately, battles can not be won without sacrifices. " Warren demanded."Because it was our plan."Warren stared at his father with a questioning rage. Magneto would have none of his brethren fall, however, and raised a magnetic shield to stop the bullets."Foolish humans, hiding behind vehicles made of metal to battle the Master of Magnetism?

it's such a really big deal, it's the worst it's ever gotten before."Christina goes on to say, "I got a phone call the other day, somebody asking if we were engaged.The series follows an elite team of FBI Special Agents tasked with investigating cyber crimes in North America. Russell, a left-coast Sherlock Holmes and career Crime Scene Investigator who joins the team after a stint as Director of the Las Vegas Crime Lab.Based out of Washington, the team is supervised by Deputy Director Avery Ryan, an esteemed Ph. Ryan is a behavioral psychologist turned "cyber shrink" who established the FBI Cyber Crime division and heads a "hack-for-good" program, a scheme in which the criminals she catches can work for her in lieu of receiving a prison sentence. Together, Russell and Ryan head a team including Elijah Mundo, Daniel Krumitz (aka Krummy), Raven Ramirez, and Brody Nelson, who work to solve Internet-related murders, cyber theft, hacking, sexual offenses, blackmail, and any other crime deemed to be cyber-related within the FBI's jurisdiction.It must be funny to a lot of people because Dave just got PAID!I hope they can keep the show at the level it is now because it is simply hysterical, and the bits with Paul Mooney are brilliant.

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Mary Aiken, on whom the show is based, is attached as a series producer.

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