Traditional gender roles in dating

I need a guy who knows how to fix my car, and could probably scare off an intruder in the middle of the night.A guy who's not afraid to get dirty doing yard work and can fix the faucet when it leaks.

Maybe because of this, I need a boyfriend who is just as masculine as I am feminine.Most married couples develop a shared understanding of who does what in their relationship.It is a sometimes unspoken recognition of an inevitable division of labor and responsibilities.Sometimes the male is charged with taking care of the eggs, for instance. My reading of current expectations in marriage is that men still fix things and take care of the automobiles.Although there is a division of labor in human affairs between the sexes, there are changing social expectations, which are reflected in somewhat different gender roles at different times. Women still have primary responsibility for the proper maintenance of the home and the welfare of the children.

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