Updating knob tube wiring yourself

Deemed perfectly safe at the time, knob and tube especially has fallen out of favor with many home insurance companies.

While still deemed safe, many insurance companies will no longer issue home insurance for any homes which contain knob and tube.

This estimate was made based on his hourly rate rather than by the job.

Although he had easy access under the house (at least 2 feet of clearance), he only rewired 12 of the outlets, and still charged us the full ,252 price, which wound up costing us about 0 per outlet.

I did a bathroom remodel and needed new wiring installed since the old wire was knob and tube and tied into all the lights into the house.

They electrician gave me a parts list to buy so I could save money.

Should I turn off the breaker if there is any chance of me touching it? First of all, we can definitively say that you can not put more attic insulation over the KT wiring.

Should I turn off the breaker and also make sure not to touch the wiring because it's fragile? Since 1987, the National Electrical Code has forbidden this.

Our provincial Hydro supplier, Manitoba Hydro has for many years been offering to finance upgrades to homes.

I have an old house, built in 1920, which still has a lot of old "knob and tube" wiring left in certain parts of it.

Ultimately, I would like to spend some money and have it all ripped out and replaced with modern wiring, but in the meantime, I am curious about just how sketchy the stuff is.

We had to apply for and pay for the city permit ourselves.

After completing that, he gave us a separate estimate for ,252 JUST to rewire 23 plug outlets, (no switches or lights), stating it would take him about 4 days.

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Those companies that DO issue insurance, are starting to charge a premium for the privilege.

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