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To show his support for Jang Na Ra, Kim Nam Gil made a trip to the film set of 'School 2013' and even called for a meal truck." A related insider expressed, "When Jang Nara heard that Kim Nam Gil was coming, she immediately went to welcome him, and bowed respectfully to him.Kim Nam Gil had previously starred in KBS 2TV 'School in 1999, and to Jang Nara, he is like a big senior to her., and I say concept teaser because I don’t see this scene happening in the drama itself unless as a dream sequence.The leads are Jang Hyuk as a 33 year old chaebol president under great pressure to marry and produce an heir ASAP since the family male line is woefully thin while Jang Nara is a nearly on-the-shelf wallflower who gets taken advantage of by everyone because she can’t say no. I wished the drama was more about her getting a backbone and saying no and hell no and get the hell away from my face to all the self-absorbed people around her.Jang made her debut in the entertainment world as a singer on May 2001.

I'm not the type to be popular with the opposite gender.

However, SM Entertainment dropped her due to assumptions that she would have lesser or no popularity than the other competing artists.

The rumors gained strength when an actor uploaded a suspicious post.

Netizens were dumbfounded after learning of this news, as there were no indication whatsoever that they had a close relationship before this, and thus the 'dating rumors' started to go into overdrive.

But Jang Na Ra's management agency has denied the dating rumors by stating through its official blog, "Their relationship has always been this good.

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